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When you work with Collegiate Writing Coach, you get a credentialed teacher, coach, postgraduate-level writer, and parent of two UC graduates rolled into one.

Credentialed teacher: Guided by a credentialed teacher with 18 years of experience and a specialization in gifted education, you will benefit from teaching strategies that are uniquely differentiated for you and your learning style.

Coach: Working together, you'll learn to express yourself at the highest level of which you are capable, so your essay is an authentic reflection of you.

Postgraduate-level Writer: With a postgraduate-level writer at your side, you will focus on the impact of life lessons you learned to write compelling and memorable essays that reflect your unique story. As a bonus, you will also learn an effective strategy using rubrics to organize and plan your writing that meets any assignment's expectations for an exemplary rating.

Parent: With your coach's perspective as the parent of sons who graduated from public schools before furthering their education at UCLA and UC Santa Cruz, you will partner with an objective professional who will guide you through the essay process with accountability and empathy.

Collegiate Writing Coach believes that writing is an essential communication skill not just in school, but also throughout life. Young writers often tense up at the task ahead to organize their thoughts and produce a well-written essay that is focused and engages the reader's attention. This can be daunting, especially if the young writer may understand the goal or objective and feel lost because they either don't have or understand the tools necessary to accomplish the task. Collegiate Writing Coach can help.

Collegiate Writing Coach will teach you how to brainstorm and then organize your thoughts and ideas into Thinking Maps® to build a writing map for your essay. With the heavy lifting – making decisions about what to include and exclude – completed, the young writer has a blueprint (the writing map) to begin to paint a blank canvas with his/her words. With this map, the process of writing becomes much easier than without.

Learning to write effectively shouldn't be difficult or painful. The key is to learn the processes and how to use that learning for future use. 

If your school-age student is writing averse or just needs individualized support… I got you. 


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