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About your Coach

Steve is an 18-year veteran classroom teacher and college essay coach specializing in gifted education. Initially building a reputation as the "Math Guy" by challenging accelerated Math students, he pursued a love of teaching writing and prided himself on the tremendous growth and self-confidence of every writer in his class.

While teaching full-time, Steve earned a Master of Education (M. Ed.) degree with a concentration in Gifted Education at Arizona State University in 2022, just 40 years (!) after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics at UCLA. As Steve pursued a career in retail management after graduation, it was when he volunteered as an assistant, then coach, of his son's little league t-ball team that Steve realized how great it was to work with kids. That passion led him to earn a multiple-subject credential and later a single-subject credential in Foundational Level Mathematics.

Now retired from the classroom teaching experience, Steve continues his journey of life-long learning at the local community college to pursue another passion: photography. Additionally, Steve is a strong supporter of dog rescues, where he adopted his current pups, FloJo and Rocky.

Your Coach's Hobbies and Passions