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College-Bound Students

You've competed in the classroom at your high school; now, you're competing against the best and brightest for admission to the college or university of your dreams. You have the GPA. You have the extracurriculars. What will help you to stand out and above in the eyes of university admissions officers? The answer: your compelling story, highlighting your unique qualities and experiences that leave a lasting a satisfying Hollywood ending. A well-crafted essay may be the tie-breaker in the admission officer's mind that defines where to draw the cut line.

How badly do you want to Make the Cut? A display of strength is knowing when to ask for help. You've come to the right place to find the coach who will guide you to be in the best position to Make the Cut. Read on to find out why Collegiate Writing Coach is the source to guide and support you in your quest...

When you work with Collegiate Writing Coach, you get a credentialed teacher, coach, postgraduate-level writer, parent of two UC graduates, and university scholarship committee leader rolled into one.

Credentialed teacher: Guided by a credentialed teacher with 18 years of experience and a specialization in gifted education, you will benefit from teaching strategies that are uniquely differentiated for you and your learning style.

Coach: Working together, you'll learn to express yourself at the highest level of which you are capable, so your essay is an authentic reflection of you.

Postgraduate-level Writer: With a postgraduate-level writer at your side, you will focus on the impact of life lessons you learned to write compelling and memorable essays that reflect your unique story. As a bonus, you will also learn an effective strategy using rubrics to organize and plan your writing that meets any assignment's expectations for an exemplary rating.

Parent: With your coach's perspective as the parent of sons who graduated from UCLA and UC Santa Cruz, you will partner with an objective professional who will guide you through the essay process with accountability and empathy.

Alumni Association Scholarship Leadership Team Member: As a long-standing leadership team member from the UCLA Alumni Scholarship Committee, I share knowledge with you from the perspective of a college- level essay reader. Additionally, you will learn about the holistic review process as shared directly by the admissions director at UCLA.

At this exciting time when you're faced with multiple competing priorities, you need a coach with a unique skill set and experience to help you Make the Cut.

You could hire a professional to guide you on the important journey toward higher education. It could be a teacher. Or a high-powered coach. Perhaps you decide to hire a professional writer. You could rely on your parent(s) to guide you. Finally, you may have a connection with a counselor or university admissions officer who could shed some light. Or you could hire Collegiate Writing Coach, where you get a credentialed teacher, coach, writer, parent, and scholarship volunteer fused into one. Take the step... Make the Cut!

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